If you are a Dentist CEO looking for easy and effective marketing ideas to gain more patients, you are at the right place. As a CEO, you have a lot of responsibilities, and it is natural to find it tough to get time to plan and execute your marketing strategies.

But you must improve your marketing skills to make a strong presence in this competitive world. And here, we will list the top 40 dental marketing ideas you can try to get new patients and stand out in this competitive market.

1. Upgrade your website

Your website is a first touch point for prospective clients to reach your business digitally. So if you still do not have a website, build one. And if you have one, opt for remodeling and include essential features like a direct contact button, 24/7 AI helpdesk, related blogs, etc.

2. Incorporate social media

Social Media

Social media handles are beneficial to gain more attention and more. Businesses, including healthcare services, use social media for better reach. You must incorporate social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., in your business to increase your digital presence and get more noticed.

3. Register your business with Google My Business

Google My business‘ is another crucial platform to help you gain more patients. Though registering or claiming a position in the Google business list will not be enough, you must add essential information, pictures of the place, contact number, address, etc.

4. Use social media to target the audience

Social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram make it easy to target local audiences. Try to post to share updates about what’s going on now and then. It will help you gain more attention from the local people and attract potential patients. You can also search dental social media marketing ideas for better insights.

5. Use Google Ads

Google Ads are another great way to reach a wider audience and have better visibility. It is a paid promotional product of Google that would help you take your business promotion to the next level. Google Ads can be displayed on various websites and platforms to obtain maximum attention.

6. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are similar to Google Ads and can help you target a wider audience inside and outside the platform. You can use promotional content like videos, pictures, and informative graphics in your Facebook Ads to draw attention to your business.

7. Optimize your website according to the Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential digital marketing tool that can help almost every business to gain digital visibility and traffic. Optimizing your business website according to SEO will increase your website traffic and help you climb the search engine result list.

8. Use emergency SEO keywords on your website

Using SEO keywords in your website is also helpful to gain better visibility in search results. When you use SEO keywords in your website, they will automatically appear on the search result screen whenever someone puts the keywords or related words on the search engine.

9. Add a direct appointment booking section on your website

Adding a section for direct appointment booking in your dental business is quite helpful to turn ordinary visitors into potential patients. It is one of the popular creative marketing ideas for dental offices that you can use.

10. Open accounts on platforms like ZocDoc and Issuu

Today we live in a digital world where people find it unnecessary to call and talk over the phone to get an appointment. Instead, they like accessible online booking facilities and quick access to various services. Platforms like ZocDoc and Justdial offer more than service booking. And your clients can read the overview and see pictures before they book your service.

11. Ask your patients to write reviews

Online reviews and ratings are a great way to enhance your business reputation and gain more patients. It would help if you encouraged your patients to share reviews on your website or other social platforms. Getting positive and good ratings is an easy way to gain more patients.

12. Use one-click appointment booking

Adding an online appointment booking section on your website is not enough to engage more patients. You must also ensure that the section provides easy access to the patient, and they can book the service with a single click and based on minimal information.

13. Use video promotion

Video promotion is one of the most trendy marketing ideas for dental businesses. Using short, informative, unique, and engaging videos is a great way to attract new people into your business. In addition, you can take professional help to create promotional videos and market them for better outreach.

14. Organize small meetups and events

Another popular marketing idea for dental clinics is to organize small and occasional meetups and events to involve local audiences. You can use these events and meetups to promote your business and inform them about your services.

15. Host online quizzes and giveaway contests

Hosting online quizzes and giveaway contests is one of the best dental marketing ideas in current times. Putting small fun quizzes and contests with attractive giveaways on various social media handles is the easiest and quickest way to gain more attention.

16. Write blogs

Writing informative blogs and articles regularly on your website or other social media platforms helps you gain visibility among others. When you provide detailed information about your services and several dental problems, you get noticed by people looking for similar services.

17. Use creative contents

Writing blogs and posts can help you gain more attention, but you can only make the most of these marketing ideas when you use creative and engaging content. When you use creative, engaging, and informative content for your websites and blogs, you can retain attention for a long time.

18. Use guest posts

Using guest posts is quite popular today and is one of the most used marketing ideas for dental offices. You can invite other businesses and related services to write guest posts on the website. Guest authors are well-known for bringing more customers to the business.

19. Use email marketing

Along with social media marketing and promotions, you must incorporate email marketing to reach a wider audience. For example, you can spread bulk promotional emails to your existing customers and potential audience.

20. Use schema markup on your website

You can incorporate schema markup in your business website

when looking for dental marketing ideas to gain more attention and visibility in the market. Schema markup or Semantic markup is a digital tool that helps search engines understand your website and its contents. Therefore, it improves your position on the search engine’s result page.

21. Provide occasional discounts

Another creative yet effective way to gain good attention and better traffic in your dental business is to provide occasional discounts and promotional products with your service. Offering discounts and additional services is a great way to encourage people to visit you over others.

22. Provide online consultation

Today online consultation has become a massive trend in various businesses including healthcare companies. Most healthcare providers use online consultations to gain more patients. You can also offer online consultations (free if possible) to get a better audience.

23. Create an attractive and unique logo

A creative and attractive logo can bring a lot of attention to your business. Also, using the same logo on your website and every social media handle helps you create your business’s unique identity. It also helps people recognize your business quickly.

24. Publish your eBook

the eBook is a sophisticated way to market your business. You can offer your long or short eBook (in pdf format) on your website as open access. eBook affiliate marketing can also help your business gain more exposure.

25. Offer free oral check-ups

You can attract many new customers by offering free oral check-ups at your clinic. Many people will know about your business address and the kind of dental treatments you offer. You will also be able to showcase the infrastructure of your clinic and other services (treatments and surgeries).

26. Collaborate with Non-profit organizations

NGOs offer opportunities to participate in various social events and reach a broader audience. By collaborating with NGOs, you can reach many people and offer treatments free of cost. This will help to build the popularity of your business.

27. Participate in social campaigns

You can use social campaigns to promote your business. For example, when you offer free check-ups or essential treatments free of cost, you earn a lot of attention. Patients from these social events can also reach out to you later for treatments.

28. Use business your card

This is the classical method of promoting a business, and not many people use this in this digital era. But this method never gets old and can impress many serious customers by making you look organized and unique.

29. Provide giveaways

Providing giveaways is one of the most popular creative dental marketing ideas. Giveaways like pens, files, flyers, and writing pads can do an excellent service to help your business name and logo reach many people. This will also make your approach to business look creative.

30. Create a Facebook page or account

Many people are on Facebook, and promoting your business through an official business page or account will be helpful. You can invite people to join your page or go for paid promotions to attract prospective clients.

31. Use hashtags on social media

Social Media Hashtag

Hashtags play a crucial role in social media marketing. They can help you reach your target audience and increase your visibility. Thus, it is essential to research relevant hashtags that reflect your message and use them wisely in your post.

32. Join groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with industry experts, learn from them, and express your opinions. Join groups on LinkedIn to engage in conversations, ask questions, and make your presence felt in your community.

33. Create a Microsoft Business Account

You can create a business account on Microsoft Business. Microsoft Business is similar to Google Business; you can use the platform to gain more customers.

34. Visit a local school

You can spread awareness about oral health among the new generations by visiting a local school. You can also offer free check-ups (if needed) and giveaway flyers to spread the word about your business.

35. Send a ‘Thank You Card

Sending a ‘Thank You’ card to existing patients is a great way to promote your business. Although it is underrated marketing, it has excellent potential to impact your client base and gain referrals positively. It will also encourage others from your patients’ network to visit your office.

36. Incorporate Brand Ambassadors

Today, most leading businesses use brand ambassadors to reach a wider crowd. A brand ambassador is a person who can influence many other people to visit your business. For example, if you want budget marketing, you can use your employees or clients as brand ambassadors. Otherwise, you can also recruit social media influencers and public figures to market your business.

37. Host a class or a webinar

You can also host a webinar, seminar, or class to engage people interested in dental care practices. Holding a class or webinar will help you spread yourself and make people aware of various dental issues and simultaneously promote your business.

38. Create a Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Newsletters are also the trend nowadays; most leading businesses use them to keep in touch with the audience. You can use your newsletter to share updates, various dental care tips and tricks, upcoming events, etc.

39. Use patients to generate referrals

You can offer incentives and discounts to your patients to generate referrals. In addition, they can post about your services on social media platforms which eventually attract other prospective customers.

40. Use Click to Call Ads

You can also use click to Call Ads provided by social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This will help you promote your business and earn quick appointments simultaneously.


As a dentist CEO, you have to handle many tasks like patient and staff management and organizational duties. This can limit your time to focus on planning marketing strategies. Here are 40 top dental marketing ideas to help your business achieve success. They are easy to incorporate and can offer effective results.


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