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Join Dr. Bobby J. Grossi for his Zoom Webinars designed to help dentists understand what they
must invest in to stabilize, scale, and succeed with their business or practice.

Upcoming Webinars

The Importance of Hiring for Cultural Fit: Aligning Team Values and Vision

Ensuring Cohesion and Long-term Success in Dental Practices


  • July 24 [7:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM PST]


  • This session will cover the importance of hiring for cultural fit, how to align team values and vision, strategies for assessing cultural fit during the hiring process, and the long-term benefits of a cohesive team.

Developing a Comprehensive Training Program: Building Skills and Enhancing Team Cohesion

Strategies for Effective Team Training in Dental Practices


  • July 31 [7:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM PST]


  • In this webinar, Dr. Bobby will discuss the significance of training programs, steps to develop an effective training program, and methods to enhance team cohesion through training. Attendees will learn about the benefits of comprehensive training programs.

Vision Alignment Workshops: Ensuring Every Team Member is On the Same Page

Strategies for Unified Goals in Dental Practices


  • August 7 [7:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM PST]


  • This webinar focuses on the importance of vision alignment in dental practices. Dr. Bobby will guide attendees through conducting effective vision alignment workshops, engaging team members, and the benefits of having a unified team vision.

Leadership Development: Training Managers to Drive Vision and Inspire Teams

Building Effective Leaders in Dental Practices


  • August 14 [7:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM PST]


  • The final webinar of the series addresses leadership development. Dr. Bobby will cover the key skills for effective leadership, training programs for developing leaders, and the long-term benefits of strong leadership in dental practices.

Upcoming Webinars

Bobby, a charismatic and accomplished individual, has recently come forward to unveil the secrets to success that have propelled him to great heights in life. With a burning desire to help others unlock their potential, he invites you to join him on a transformative journey, where he will share his proven methods of cutting through life’s distractions and achieving personal goals.

In today’s fast-paced and often chaotic world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the myriad of distractions that divert our attention from what truly matters. Bobby understands this struggle firsthand and has dedicated his life to mastering the art of focus and productivity. Through his experiences and in-depth research, he has discovered strategies and techniques to help anyone navigate life’s challenges and achieve their dreams.

Bobby’s approach is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself, recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, and tailoring an individualized path to success. Drawing upon principles of psychology, neuroscience, and personal development, he offers practical and actionable advice that can be adapted to suit each person’s unique circumstances and aspirations.

During his engaging presentations and workshops, Bobby will guide you through the process of identifying your passions, setting meaningful goals, and developing a mindset that empowers you to overcome obstacles along the way. He will delve into the psychology of motivation and provide powerful strategies for maintaining focus, staying committed, and pushing through adversity.

But Bobby’s insights don’t stop there. He recognizes that success is not merely about achieving external accomplishments; it’s about finding fulfillment and happiness in the process. With this in mind, he encourages individuals to cultivate a healthy work-life balance, nurture meaningful relationships, and prioritize self-care. By aligning personal values with the pursuit of success, Bobby teaches a holistic approach that promotes overall well-being.

Through Bobby’s guidance, you will learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern life without losing sight of your true purpose. Whether you’re a student striving for academic excellence, an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to launch a business, or an individual longing for personal growth, Bobby’s proven methods will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your dreams.

Join Bobby on this remarkable journey, and allow him to unlock your potential. Together, you will embark on a transformative adventure, where distractions fade away, and the path to success becomes evident. With Bobby’s guidance, you will learn how to carve your unique path, embrace your passions, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Don’t wait any longer—start your journey toward success today!


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Meet Dr. Bobby

Dr. Bobby Grossi is a highly accomplished and dedicated dentist. He attended the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School and graduated in 2003 with his doctorate in Dental Surgery. Over the years he completed a two-year orthodontic training program with Progressive Orthodontic seminars and implant training with the Engel Institute where he graduated with the highest honors. He has successfully consulted various dental offices to add implants to their scope of services in order to grow their practices from $150K to $4.5 Million in revenue within a 5 year period.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Dr. Grossi was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and graduated from Powers Catholic High School in 1991. He received his associate degree from Mott Community College and then graduated from the University of Michigan in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Biology. He attended the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School and graduated in 2003 with his doctorate in Dental Surgery. In 2013, he completed a two year orthodontic training program with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, where he was the first to graduate with highest honors!

In a few short weeks you’ll learn how to transform your current trajectory into the path and career that you set out for. Don’t let the outsiders influence your ability to grown and build.

You need to know where you are going and what field of play you are on! Whether you are a student, employee, or entrepreneur Dr. Bobby will share hard‐learned lessons in building a strong clear direction for yourself in whatever field of play you decide to play on.

You’ll leave each call with an action set for you to implement in your life, because the only way to see results is to take action.

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